What to do in Dubai

 Although its historical and traditional aspects are not very strong, Dubai is one of the most striking tourism cities in the world. As a result of the rapid investments that come with oil wealth, it is possible to list the world's most ultra-modern structures, luxury entertainment venues and flashy places in the list of places to visit in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is a place where Turkish travelers show more interest, especially in the period between September and February, with the possibility of a warm trip to the travelers in the autumn and winter months when the popular tourism resorts in Europe experience cold days, and visa opportunities that are much easier to obtain than Schengen visas. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, which has the most magnificent, cosmopolitan and international lifestyle of the Middle East in the near future, I have compiled a list that will give you an idea of where you can visit. Throughout the content, I took care to share various information, advic